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A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see.

- Leroy Eimes

We believe that executive search is the result of detailed analysis and professional approach to all the steps necessary to ensure success. Our approach is based on our process for identifying, screening, evaluating, and recruiting highest level of candidates both personally and professionally. Professional Network and Relationship is essential for our success. We aim to establish strong relationships rigorously with our partners. We inspect their organizational practice and evaluate their employee profiles carefully to ensure that our candidate is culturally compatible and a successful match.

We spend time and effort to keep track of our partners’ organizational and cultural development through our continuous relationship in order to understand their organizational needs and find the best fit candidates for their evolving corporate climate.

We have a broad network of top level professionals and talented leaders. Thus, our unique approach to consider our current candidate-partners to be our future corporate-partners is one of the most significant assets in our professional network and relationship. Our objective is not only to create vigorous collaboration and communication with our corporate partners but also to accompany our candidate-partners through their success and growth in their professional lives. Competency and Professional Experience in identifying the needs and matching the requirements are highly appreciated by our corporate and candidate partners. Our highly experienced consultants have significant level of professional experience. We create highly motivated and dedicated research teams not only for domestic but also for international projects.

Our real success lies in our unique approach to both our candidates and our clients. Our consultants dedicate themselves for our projects until they deliver the complete solution. Unlike many others, our study, approach and search processes are very distinctive and over-satisfying. For us, it is very crucial to hear from our candidates and clients that Comea Talent is bringing an exclusive practice and characteristics in HR Consultancy in Turkey. That’s what we stand for…

Systematic Research and Resourcing is another important phase in executive search. We have vast amount of talent resourcing data including top executives profiles of the organizations from Fortune 500 in Turkey. Through our own CRM system and last technology, we are able to conduct detailed search techniques in order to come up with the most suitable long lists at these initial stages. All research activities are underpinned by significant research procedures to ensure discovering the most suitable candidate. After identifying, the procedures continue with screening and evaluating the candidates’ personal and professional skills through

telephone calls where we give and take necessary information to understand the current status of the candidate
personal interviews where we get the opportunity to observe the personal and professional compatibility of the candidate with the desired position
role plays where we investigate the attitude and reactions of the candidate against unexpected or unfavorable situations.
case studies where we examine the candidate’s way of thinking and approach to specific problems or cases.
reference checks where we assess whether our studies are in parallel with the candidate’s prior experiences.
follow up where we continue to observe the candidate performance and adaptation in the organization in the first year through specific questionnaires and consulting given to the client and to the accepted candidates.

The processes of dialogue management and reference checks are the most important steps towards the final push; which begins with the offer phase, commencement and throughout the first 12 months of asset transition.


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